Thursday, March 25, 2010

Its Something You Should Care About

Vaginal skin tag are growths of skin in the vaginal area. They are common in females, although they are not talked about very often. Vaginal skin tags are not a form of cancer or anything dangerous but rather just excess skin that can be removed if they are bothersome.

Who got them?
Women of all ages can get vaginal skin tags, even baby girls. They are more common in women who are pregnant or who have recently been pregnant.

Where was it?
Vaginal skin tag appear on the outer labia or in the vaginal entrance. Although not dangerous, they can be irritated by sexual intercourse or the presence of menstrual pads or tampons.

How does it look like?
Vaginal skin tag appear around the vulva and are a small growth of skin, usually floppy. They can look like a pimple or like a little pinch of skin hanging off your vaginal area. They may get larger during the woman's menstrual cycle but will return back to normal after the cycle is over.

How they appear ?
No one knows for sure why or how vaginal skin tags appear. They are commonly thought to occur when skin stretches with pregnancy or by the rubbing of clothing against the vagina.

There are no real symptoms that occur with the presence of vaginal skin tags.

The skin tags in the vagina are caused by the same factors that cause skin tags in the other parts of the body like elevation of hormones, heredity, pregnancy, insulin rejection, obesity, steroids, etc. these vaginal skin tag are also harmless and being like the skin tags in the others. The skin tags may appear in the outer lips of the vagina, or the labia.

It may shock the woman who has the tags there but it is actually quite common and there is not much to be scared of. The skin tags in the vagina can become irritating and may become painful when they are constantly rubbed against by the underwear or by the sanitary napkin or may be painful during intercourse.

The vaginal skin tag swell up during menstruation but they return to their usual size after the menstruation period is over requiring skin tag removers. Doctors say that vaginal skin tags are not serious but women need to observe the change of their color. If the color changes then it may be a problem which might be serious as they may be symptoms of cancer.

Therefore on noticing any abnormal change the person must consult a doctor to confirm the problem.

Woman may get frustrated on having the skin tag in the vaginal area but there is not much to panic because they can be removed. There are many ways to remove the vaginal skin tags. it is because of the location that causes the doctors to be extra careful but otherwise it is the same as the others.

These skin tags also disappear after some time but they may become painful and itchy because of the frictions. The doctor may freeze the skin tags in the vagina really carefully using liquid nitrogen and then let it fall of. The doctor can also just simply snip off the skin tag with a scissor. It might be a little surgical process must be done.

Laser therapy is another popular method of removing the skin tags from the vagina. Removing vaginal skin tag there is as simple as in any other part but because of the sensitivity of the area, it is best that a doctor is consulted, but all the process are very costly.

The home remedies are also best not to use in order to prevent further problem. There are a number of products in the market also and they claim to be safe for the vagina but it is best to consult a doctor before doing anything.

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